The Do's and Don'ts of Halloween Make Up

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year, but there are scarier things than costumes to worry about.

Lead- Lead is extremely toxic and has no medical benefits. Despite this, a test by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found that 10 out of the 10 kids' halloween makeup samples they tested came back positive for lead. They also found that 60% of them tested positive for heavy metals, which can cause allergic reactions and skin irritation.

The Solution- Look specifically for theater makeup instead of halloween makeup, as this is generally lighter makeup and higher quality. Avoid using the makeup too close to the eyes, nose, and mouth, and be sure to remove it before going to bed.

Bleach- Many temporary hair dyes (especially the crazier colors) use bleach, which can damage your hair and dry it out pretty badly.

The Solution- Opt for organic dyes or even a wig. While it may not be as fun, it can save you a lot of trouble trying to repair the damage of just one night.

Sugar- We all know that sugar is bad for you, but it is especially terrible for your skin. The first reason that sugar is terrible is that it causes inflammation, which can lead to breakouts in the skin. In addition to this, it attacks the collagen in the skin, making it wrinkle and sag.

The Solution- You can still enjoy your candy this year, but  drink lots of water to help dilute it. Also make sure that you eat a nice, balanced meal before digging into your sweets, and then get plenty of sleep afterwards.


Eyelash Glue- While fake eyelashes may add a great finishing piece to your costume, you need to watch out because the vast majority of fake eyelashes use formaldehyde in their adhesives, which can lead to an allergic reaction. They can also help to trap bacteria near your eye, which is a prime location for infection.

The Solution- Make sure that you get your lashes applied by an approved esthetician who is wearing gloves (which will help reduce bacterial transfer). If you decide to DIY, make sure that you take similar precautions and test the glue and the glue remover on another part of your body before applying it so close to your eyes.


Alcohol- Alcohol dehydrates you, and by extension your skin. This causes the skin to lose its elasticity and freshness, and over time, the effect compounds. It also carries all kinds of toxins that can further speed the aging process for your skin. Fruity drinks and margaritas also often include a lot of salt and sugar, so they have all the negative effects of alcohol, salt, and sugar.

The Solution- Unfortunately, the best solution that you have here is to just drink less. You can also opt for clearer alcohol, as those have less impurities and add-ins.

Spencer Connell
Spencer Connell


Spencer recently graduated with a degree in advertising. He enjoys long naps on the couch and binge watching sessions of his favorite TV shows. Also he really loves his job at Simplicity Laser.