DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes

When it comes to Halloween costumes, they can be pricey. For me personally, I'm a lover of dressing up, but don’t always have the budget or time to do so. That’s when last minute DIY costumes come in handy!


Makeup can be key to creating an awesome Halloween look, and you probably have all the things you need in your makeup bag already.

The skeleton has been a costume I have been wanting to try for years, and it’s surprisingly easy to pull off. Black eyeliner and eyeshadow will be your bestie for this frightful look. There are tons of cool makeup tutorials online, and you can be as detailed or simple as you desire! As for the actual costume, if you are really in a pinch you can just wear all black. If you have a little more time grab some white paint and a black shirt and go to town!

5 Minute Costumes:

Halloween can sneak up on you, and sometimes you don’t have time to buy a costume. My go to costume when in a robber. All you need is a black beanie, black pants, and a striped shirt...viola! Simple, cute, and the best

If you are in need of a couples costume for you and your significant other, an easy costume is salt and pepper. One wears white, the other black. Cut out an S and a P and boom! You may not have the most elaborate costume at the party, but at least you’re not the couple who didn’t dress up..

If all else fails, buy some animal ears and dress sexy! 

Johanna Eardley
Johanna Eardley