How to Convince your Man to Try Laser Hair Removal

To put it simply, men grow body hair in weird places. I am currently in the process of trying to convince my boyfriend to try laser hair removal to get rid of the little hairy patches on his back. He definitely resisted at first, but after trying it, he loves it. Here are my tips to help you convince the man in your life to try laser hair removal.

man shaving

Word it as a “clean up” rather than “removal”

Guys are super scared of laser hair removal on their face because they don’t want to part with their scruff forever. His scruff might be sexy and rugged now, but as he gets older, his beard will slowly creep up his face and leave stray hairs near his eyes and nose. By doing facial hair removal now above and below his beard, his scruff will always look nice. Another place guys love doing this “clean up” on is the back of their neck, leaving their haircut looking crisp for longer. Make sure he starts before he goes gray, when the laser can no longer treat the hair.

Spell out the benefits

Every time my significant other and I go to the pool, I have to wait for him to shave his back. If he is feeling bold, sometimes he even asks me to shave it for him (sorry, TMI?). Try talking to your man about the convenience and all of the time he’ll save when he isn’t shaving. If that isn’t working to convince him, I have two words: Ingrown hairs.

Help him boost his confidence

The final straw in convincing my boyfriend to try laser hair removal involved dropping small comments here and there about body hair. When his back is freshly shaved, I make sure I tell him how great he looks and give him a back scratch. Compliment him and make sure he knows how sexy he looks when he is hair free.

Use these handy dandy persuasion techniques

Studies show that by adding the phrase “but you are free to choose” at the end of your request increases the chances of them saying yes. Another great technique is putting your foot in the door. Start small. If he finds getting his back or chest treated overwhelming, start him on a small area like the front or back of his neck. Once he tries it, it will be easy to convince him to move onto bigger areas. Not that I’m condoning manipulation, but this is a great way to get your significant other to do the dishes. Just saying...

Erica Azad
Erica Azad