Why the LHR starter kit is the best

We recently rolled out a new product bundle that we think is pretty freaking sweet. But we wanted everyone else to know why it's so awesome, so here's a list of the top 5 reasons that it's so great:

Numbing cream= life itself

Numbing cream is always great, in the early stages it makes the laser almost imperceptible. As you get further into your treatments though, the laser starts to sting worse and numbing cream stops being so much of a convenience and more of a necessity. It's better to get in the habit of applying numbing cream early on and get a feel for how much you need, rather than waiting until the final treatments to get your hands on some.

Restorative gel can help maximize your results

If you ask some of our executives, they will tell you that restorative gel is capable of curing cancer. While it may not be quite that incredible, it is extremely awesome. Restorative gel helps to calm and soothe the skin after your treatments as well as fortify it for your next treatment.

The bundle is cheaper than its parts

We created this bundle to be a great, convenient value. We wanted to make it so that you could get everything you need in one convenient place. We want you to be able to try out the products and figure out what you need for your skin so that you can get the best possible results from your treatments.

If you start right, you'll end right

The sooner you start using these products, the better. They can help you get better results from your treatments as well as making them much more pleasant for you. The more that you utilize these products, the more likely you are to get exactly the results that you want from your laser hair removal.

It makes the perfect stocking stuffer

I don't want to tell you how to live your life, but we packaged these items to be small an convenient. I can't think of a better way to tell your SO that you got them laser for Christmas than by surprising them with a starter kit and a gift card.


We love the starter kit. It's one of our favorite things that we've put together because we know that it really works. Our hope is that it helps you to find products that work for you and your skin and make you enjoy your Simplicity experience even more.

Spencer Connell
Spencer Connell


Spencer recently graduated with a degree in advertising. He enjoys long naps on the couch and binge watching sessions of his favorite TV shows. Also he really loves his job at Simplicity Laser.